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Practicing doesn’t make you perfect, makes you better! • Don’t be depressed by the losers, be impressed by the winners. • Focus on improving yourself not proving yourself • It's you against you

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I began my self-taught journey at a very young age, starting from my passion for football and later expanding into art, coaching, and programming.

When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming a professional football player, putting a lot of effort into improving my fitness and technique.
At the age of 13, I signed with my first amateur club, but just 5 years later I experienced an ACL knee injury that required surgery and nearly a year of recovery. A tough experience that changed the course of my life.
Three years later, my interest for Dance began to awaken. That interest changed my life forever, leaving home, family, and friends behind to relocate to London, a city known for its vibrant art scene, creativity, and diversity to expand my knowledge in Art.

In 2020, the pandemic had a significant impact on me. During isolation, I faced challenges that revealed deeper aspects of life, leading in significant personal growth. Since then, I've dedicated myself to assisting others in overcoming life's challenges and reaching their fullest potential.(TS365)

My name is Tcherno, and this is my message to you: "Our journey is not just about the time between birth and death, but also about the legacy we create and leave behind."

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